What We Offer At SSGH

Salanova Greens 

Regarded as the newest innovation in salad mix production and a superior hydroponic lettuce, Salanova offers versatility, efficiency, and high value. Harvested as fully mature heads, the flavor and texture have more time to develop than traditional baby-leaf lettuces. From the unique structure of the core a multitude of uniformly-sized leaves develops that is harvestable with one simple cut. Salanova is more than 40% higher yielding, has better flavor and texture, and double the shelf life of traditional baby-leaf lettuce, making it an excellent option for field or indoor production.

Our Stover Shop Guarantee

At SSGH we pride ourselves in growing and harvesting the finest fancy leaf hydroponic lettuce available in the state of Virginia. We believe that lettuce shouldn’t just be texture, but also flavorful and nutritious, enhancing your dining experience. Whether in a salad, an addition to your favorite sandwich or wrap, or even as a standalone snack, we are so sure of our quality that we offer the end consumer a money back guarantee. Just send us the unused portion back and we will give you a full refund.

Produce Quality

Our main objective at SSGH is to furnish the very best quality produce possible. We accomplish that through technology, education, listening to industry leaders and extreme attention to detail, and the ability to source the fresh produce available.

Food Safety

SSGH understands the consumer concerns about food safety, as they should. Why is local produce so popular? Today’s consumer wants to know where their food comes from, how it was grown, how it was harvested and how long did it take to get from point A to point B; All legitimate concerns.

Reliable Logistics, Better Service

SSGH combines leading edge trace-ability with our own refrigerated transport to assure our produce is delivered on time, as fresh, flavorful and nutritious as the day it left our greenhouses. We control every step of the production, from growing to packaging and shipping.

Sustainable Agriculture

As a family owned business, we know that the farm/agriculture sector grows smaller everyday, forcing today’s growers to produce more for an ever growing population. SSGH is a vertical CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) farm that grows and harvests thousands of loose leaf lettuce heads per week on a sustainable, smaller environmental footprint compared to our field grow competition. Additionally, we use significantly less water and nutrients to grow the same amount of produce.