Our Approach on Food Safety

SSGH is committed to food safety

We are a GAP practicing grower with a written HACCP plan. All SSGH workers go through class training for GAP. We offer a controlled environment, from liner production through growth, harvest, storage and transport. We use individually zoned greenhouses and a state of the art time management system to provide key information such as when the the produce was harvested and when it was packed. Boxes are then coded with the exact date of harvest, location of harvest, grow zone information and which variety of lettuce they contain. Our produce is then refrigerated, loaded on our custom refrigerated trucks and sent for delivery. Our goal is always a 24hr turnaround or less. Traceability is one of the keys to food safety.

Zoned Grow

Each variety of lettuce is grown in a separate zone

Produce Info Coded

Upon harvest, our produce is packaged, boxed, coded and ready to sell

Better Logistics

Why? We are the grower, packer, and shipper

24hr Turnaround

Our goal is to always achieve a day’s turnaround or less

SSGH is a GAP practicing CEA farm