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Our mission is to provide always fresh, always local, always healthy, & nutritious produce to our customers. 

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Our 4 Main Objectives to Maintain Maximum Client Satisfaction

Produce Quality

One of our main objective at SSGH is to produce the best quality hydroponic lettuce.

Food Safety

At SSGH, we make the utmost commitment to food safety in order to insure our produce is fresh and healthy.

Reliable logistics, Better Service

SSGH uses leading edge traceability technology, and we have our own fleet of refrigerated trucks.

Sustainable Agriculture

We strive to grow the best produce possible while using as little fertilizer and water as feasible.

Advanced Hydroponic Growing

We use some of the most advanced hydroponic growing technology available in the industry. Our greenhouses are fully automated and sustainable.

100% Environment Control

Our greenhouses are under a fully controlled environment, with CO2 injections and custom climate settings. We provide an optimal grow environment for guaranteed healthy, flavorful lettuce harvests

No Soil, Less Water, Less Fertilizer

We grow our lettuce in 100% soil-less Perlite and Vermiculite. Our vertical Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) greenhouses allow us to use less water and less fertilizer to grow ten times the amount of produce that a standard field based environment would grow, within the same footprint.

We Deliver Our Produce

Our fleet of refrigerated trucks is here to insure that your produce gets to your table in its original, fresh condition

We learn from Industry leaders

We run state-of-the-art hydroponic CEA greenhouses

We grow, harvest, package and deliver our produce